History and memory in the focus of the document

In the context of the International Archives Week 2020 (June 8 - 14), initiated by the International Council of Archives, the Pshenychnyi Central State Film, Photo and Sound Archive of Ukraine presents the project "History and memory in the focus of the document".

Acting under the theme of this year's archival week "Empowering Knowledge Societies", the project aims to bring to a wider audience information about various historical events and figures represented in audiovisual documents.

In the highly developed informational environment era, audiovisual documents have a special place in the process of learning, enhancing social experience and the formation of historical memory. Due to the visual images, so significant in the new conditions of communication, they are able to attract the attention of many people from different social groups.

Every day during the week, the project will acquaint with figures, events, periods, moments, points of history and their memory in the focus of audiovisual documents. And also with the help of visual and audio images, concentrated in archival documents, will present the history and activities of the TsDKFFA of Ukraine.